Critter Cuddler

Critter Cuddler

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Critter Cuddler Small Animal Carrier and Bonding Pouch Anti-Anxiety Interactive Play Exercise Ring Therapeutic for Pet & Handler Small Dog Cat Hedgehog Puppy Travel Sling - Made in USA

If you love your small animal pet hamster, ferret, rats, puppy kitten baby bunnies or bird...Then you need a Critter Carrier Bonding Sling

It goes over your head and around your neck so your critter can just ride along anywhere -- to the mailbox, to the laundry room, to the vet. Made of soft, washable fleece, they are perfect for cuddling and socializing with your little buddy.

Great for Teacup and Toy Dogs, Kitties, Rats, ferrets, sugar gliders, hamsters, gerbils, small bunnies, guinea pigs, and any other small pets. Watch TV with your little creature around your neck. It is also great for kittens, puppies and small dogs!

One ring is smaller than the other. The smaller one goes on the bottom and will sit closest to your neck to keep scratchy little claws away from your skin. Soft, comfortable, washable. Consider two so you always have one nearby and available while the other is in the wash.

Here's what our customers say:

"Very cute and simple design, great price and delivered quickly! I use it for my 6+ lb chihuahua and that may be a bit too much weight on the neck for any long period of time, but he enjoys a short nap in it."

"I love it and so do my rats! Its big enough for all 4 of my girls. Actually it could fit more than 4, but might get a bit heavy lol. All I have to do is open their cage door, open the Critter Carrier for them, and they just crawl right in! Its very well made and feels comfortable around my neck."

"I got this for Christmas and my best friend LOVES it! Her guinea pigs have a lot of fun hanging out in the Critter Carrier. They love the bonding time with her!"

"I love these things and so do my sugar gliders. They are perfect."

"Sturdy yet soft, my fur babies love them!

"Love, love, love this. Bought it for my new hedgehog and it helped us bond.